KTM 990 Adventure 2007 - LC8

Submitted by Koen on Tue, 11/29/2022 - 11:05
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KTM LC8 - Read to race

In June 2022 I took a leap of faith and bought this Ktm 990 Adventure 2007.
It looked quite OK but.... It wasn't. 

What started as a fairy tale suddenly ended in some extra hours in the shed to fix all issues. 

The LC8 is known for being ready to race, and is surely reminds you of that every time you blip the throttle.

The first generation of 990 engines produces a healthy 96hp @ 8500 rpm & 95nm @ 6500 rpm.
This doesn't sound like ready to race anymore if you compare those values to the modern Adventures.
But don't let that fool you, this engine is willing and able to go... Anytime, anywhere. 


The bike I bought had some extra's already.

  • an RadeGarage EVO6 wind screen,
  • Akrapovic exhausts
  • SW-motech crashbars & lugage rack. 
  • KTM Ergo Seat
  • SHAD topluggage

Due to some issues with the standard headers I added:

  • Dominator Stainless Steel headers
  • O2 Eliminators

The KTM is a 'raw' engine. It's alive, it feels alive...

If you are used to the smoothness of Japanese bikes, this might be a complete shock.

But the suspension is Top quality, even 15years later the difference is huge.
Where I would normally brake for cobblestones and go a bit more relaxed, the suspension allows you to race across it.

It filters out so many bumps & humps but still gives great feedback.
It makes you feel like an actual Dakar racer who can cross the serengeti, mojave desert or muddiest tracks without any hesitation.


New rubber....

When I bought the KTM it came with Pirelle Scorpion Trail 2 tyres, which are fantastic On the Road. 
But offroad they are a big limitation, rather logical as they don't have any kind of block/knobby pattern. 

I have replaced them when winter started with Motaz Tractionaiter RallyZ tyres.

On the road it's a bit of a compromise, but it makes it up with great performance offroad.
It's not a 100% Full Cross tyre, but for my purpose it feels perfect!

The Adventure is actually rather old fashioned.
If I compare the dash of the BMW R 1200 GSa and the KTM there are some important differences. 

The BMW has fuel-level indicator, a gear indicator, show abs/tcs/rdc-information with a push of the button (and off course a RPM-gauge & speed-gauge)

The KTM doesn't 😝

The KTM is limited to Clock, 2-trip counters, Fuel reserve light, and temperature of engine (and off course a RPM-gauge & speed-gauge).
It's rather limited, and the way it's displayed is even more basic.

But it feels "in sync" with the rest of the bike. A back to basic feeling. 

I took me a long time to get used to the KTM. And from time to time I'm still doubting if this is a bike for me.
The suspension, low center of gravity and looks are awesome.
The twitchy engine and the fact that it needs a bit more maintenance / fiddling with issues brings some concerns.

Will keep you posted on the bike in a few months!