Honda CB300R ready for 2022

Submitted by Jo on Mon, 01/24/2022 - 13:41

Honda has given the CB300R a minor update for model year 2022.
The biggest difference is in the front, but that's not the only thing Honda has adjusted.

Compared to its A2 segment competitors, the baby-CB1000R may draw the short straw in terms of engine performance, but Honda has more than compensated for that with the CB300R with its very nice Neo Sports Café looks.

Honda sees the CB300R as an important step forward for any novice motorcyclist, for whom it is the first 'big' motorcycle after 2 years of 125cc. From that perspective, the CB300R is definitely a giant step forward, from 15 to over 31 stamping horsepower.

According to Honda, the CB300R is the perfect picture to enthuse young motorcyclists.
The bike only weighs 144 kilos ready to ride, so we are talking about a flyweight bike that can be maneuvered with playful ease through everyday traffic. The lower the weight, the easier it is to steer.
Add to that the liquid-cooled, high-revving 286cc single-cylinder engine, which is now equipped with a slip-assist clutch in addition to Euro 5 standards.

The frame is a combination of pressed steel and tubular steel for finely tuned stiffness and great feedback.
As of 2022, the CB300R now comes standard with a 41mm Showa Separate Function-fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) UPSD forks, and a radial-mount four-piston caliper, floating front disc, IMU-controlled ABS and radial tires.

A tapered steel handlebar, updated LCD dashboard and full LED lighting add a premium touch.

The 2022 CB300R is available in 4 different colors, next to the already available Matt Gunpoweder Black Metallic and Candy Chromesphere Red, two colors of which are new: Pearl Dusk Yellow and Matt Pearl Agile Blue.