Honda VTR 1000 F: A second live for this V2 beauty

Submitted by Koen on Thu, 06/16/2022 - 11:00
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It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.
- Samwise Gamgee

The VTR we're talking about isn't really a stock VTR. During his lifetime he received some great updates:

  • Custom paintjob
  • Leovince Titanium High Mount Exhaust
  • Custom single seat
  • Gold / Bronze rims
  • Dynojet kit
  • K&N Air filter

The VTR only has done 19.000km & 2 trackdays in his lifetime, but the last ride on the road ended up in defeat. 


The board is set, the pieces are moving.
We come to it at last, the great battle of our time

- Gandalf


A crash at low speed actually cause a lot of damage:

  • Right & Top fairing were trashed
  • The top-frame was bent
  • The clutch cover had an extra gap

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens
- Gimli

First we're going to tackle the main issue: we need to be able to start the bike.

Flushed the bike with a lot of oil to remove any debris, but it was still clean inside.

As a first test we remove the sparkplugs and checked if the engine would make funny noises when rotating the crank manually.

That test was successful and then we start the repear.
New gasket & used clutch cover were purchased.

Removing the old gasket was a bit of a pickle. But once done the new one was easily installed. 


Draining the forks

As the left fork was leaking a bit of oil, we decided to change the seals & dust caps and change the oil.

Better to do this immediatly and be sure to have good suspension.

The order of things

I always take pictures on the order of things.
When in doubt? Look at the pictures.


Let's Kiss... Or Keep It Simple Stupid!

And now some drama!
- Me

As the fairing were totally trashed I had to find some other ones.
Trying to keep the budget low, I found some great looking used fairings.

On photos they looked great, when they arrived I noticed...... A piece of the fairing was missing.
So buying a "In very good shape" fairing was a dissapointement.

The good news? The missing part was still available from the broken fairing.

Time to get creative and fit 2 into 1. 

My Precious!
- Gollum

Repainting was a PITA, It didn't turn out that great but all and all this VTR is ready for a second life on the road/track