Joining MotoMentals in Reet D'Opale: Our 3-Day Offroad Adventure

Submitted by Koen on Tue, 05/28/2024 - 11:34

Gearing Up for the Ride

Preparation for Reet D'Opale, organized by MotoMentals, was no small feat.
The anticipation of our first time every "three days off-road, camping under the stars"-event required some planning and the right gear.

We started by fitting our motorcycles with the perfect off-road tires, ensuring maximum grip on unpredictable terrains. 
The Motoz Tractionator Rallz tires on the KTM 990 Adventure were replaced with a set of Metzeler MC360s.
The Tenere 700 was equipped with an MC360 on the front and a RebelX Tyre on the rear.
No more excuses for having enough/not enough grip in the mud. 

The next step for the KTM was replacing the brake pads to guarantee optimal stopping power in the dusty, rugged environment.

Alongside bike prep, we gathered all the camping essentials: tents, sleeping bags and some dry clothings (as the weather wasn't looking the good :( )

Journeying with Electric Power

Traveling to the event was an adventure in itself. We decided to make the eco-friendly choice and used an electric car to tow a trailer loaded with our two motorcycles. The trip was a smooth blend of technology and tradition.

The electric car performed admirably, proving that sustainability and thrill-seeking can go hand in hand.
Towing 2 bikes on a trailer does bring some 'charging anxiety'. Charging stops were efficiently planned, giving us ample time to relax and double-check our gear. The sight of our bikes snug on the trailer added to the excitement of the journey, setting the stage for the adventure ahead.

The Volvo XC40 (Extended range) proved its value, and did a great job.
But next time I'd rather take a regular car for such expats.

Conquering the Trails

Upon arrival, the real fun began. The trails at Reet D'Opale were nothing short of spectacular, offering a mix of challenging terrains that tested our skills and endurance.

From rocky paths to muddy stretches, each trail provided a unique thrill, pushing our bikes and our abilities to the limit. There were moments when the going got tough, but the camaraderie among fellow riders and the breathtaking scenery made every challenge worthwhile.

The sense of accomplishment after navigating particularly tricky sections was unmatched, and the shared stories around the campfire each night only added to the camaraderie.


Day 1 took us from Thiembronne to Marquise

Day 2 went from Marquise to Éperlecques

Day 3 returns from Éperlecques to Thiembronne

During the event our luggage was transported by MotoMentals, so you could travel as light as possible.
Take what you need (spare tire, tools & some water) and Go!!

Ready for Round Two

As the event drew to a close, one thing was clear: we were hooked.

The combination of thrilling rides, the joy of camping, and the community spirit made Reet D'Opale an unforgettable experience. We’re already marking our calendars for next year, eager to relive the adventure and perhaps conquer even more challenging trails.

The preparation, the journey, and the ride itself were all part of an experience we wouldn't trade for anything. Reet D'Opale, see you next year!

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Adventure in all possible ways

The KTM 990 Adventure had it's hickup's in the last 2 years.
Taking it to Reet D'opale, knowing it would get a serious test was something that troubled my mind.

The beast did a magnificent job, but sometimes 'things' just happen.
During the trail I picked up a nail and had a flat, nothing a true adventurer can't fix of course.

We had a spare tire and the needed tools to replace the tire, inflate the inner tube and continue our journey.
It was the first time replacing a tire on the road, and it does give you a certain feeling... It's like Paris Dakar? I'm ready...