New colors Kawasaki ZX-25R - maybe 400cc version for EU?

Submitted by Jo on Wed, 01/19/2022 - 13:39
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The success on the Asian markets of the Kawasaki ZX-25R continues .
The four-cylinder in-line, sixteen-valve, equipped with KTRC traction control and KQS bidirectional quickshifter had  its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show  two years ago, and arrived on the Asian markets starting with  New Zealand  and  Indonesia , a few months later. 
The interest in this real small-scale superbike was very high right from the start : in those countries it is also used in races , in a single-make trophy but also in championships reserved for small displacements derived from the series.

The news for 2022 concern only some new colors for the bikes, no technical or mechanical updates. 

Among other things, the 250 cc four-cylinder platform should also give life to a much more powerful version.
Rumors of an upcoming Kawasaki ZX-4R are alive and reportedly the small four-cylinder sports bike will be presented soon.
The Kawasaki ZX-4R would have a lot in common with the ZX-25R.
The frame, swingarm and most of the bodywork are said to come unchanged from the ZX-25R.
The high-revving block would have a displacement of about 400cc, an output of around 80 hp would be quite possible, especially when you consider that the smaller 249cc engine already delivers 50 hp at 15,500 rpm.

Sources report that the ZX-4R will be launched in the Asian market soon.
With a displacement of 400cc, the ZX-4R would be a good fit for the American or European market.
In Europe, the Euro 5 hurdle must first be overcome.