Suzuki SV 650 S 2000

Submitted by Koen on Tue, 01/19/2021 - 21:03
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We bought this Suzuki SV 650 S in a bit of a messy state.
The farings where looking good but needed some decent cleaning.

The biggest challenge was getting the technical parts in a good state.

The bike wasn't starting very well and it was safe to assume that this spark plug was involved.
If the plug looks like it was in a fryer for a few years and looks this cripsy, we can be sure that it wasn't sparking as it should 

The carburettor was looking rather clean, except for 1 stationary jet that was clogged.
Cleaned it out, assembled the carburettor and mounted it again.

And suddenly our little SV was purring as a kitten. Or should I say roaring like a lyon with the sports exhaust.


But giving new life to a bike

Cleaning the seat gave a major improvement to the look of the bike. 

Is more than just getting it working

Faded plastic was restored with a "Poor Boy's Natural Shine" Product. 

The exhaust also needed some TLC. 

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