Why the Honda CBR600RR MY21 is the best motorcycle in the world - in theory by default

Submitted by Jo on Sun, 01/03/2021 - 16:13
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The bad news is that the supersport class is dying. There are no more motorcycles that are euro5 approved and that means that all brands that still have a model in that market segment, they will slowly but surely no longer be marketable on the street.

No issue you say - we will ride a super sport class bike. Problem selecting a super sports class over a supersport bike is that the 1000cc bikes are overloaded with all electronic aids which can actually be ridden by any mad man who can twitch a throttle.  

That is absolutely true, rightso that if you really want to learn to ride motorcycles as a young driver or older re-starting coureur you need to increase your riding skills - not program you bike around the race track.

In the supersport class, the last great update of a model was done in 2017, a revamp of the Yamaha R6. Funny enough - to better resemble his bigger brother the R1. Bigger changes than other competitors - far from revolutionary.
Normally in this market segment, every 2 years all manufactures came out with a new  or renewed model - but unfortunately that trend died since 2006.

You can look at this in two ways
- you may be a little disappointed because not a lot of things have changed - no big TFT screen, no huge electronics packages available, the supersport class doesn't have the most modern techniques you could possibly desire
or you can also look at it very positively because Honda is the only one to renew and upgrade its supersport, the Honda CBR 600RR MY21, and so, by default - this is theoretically at least the best supersport of that moment.
All thanks to the introduction of euro5 rule.