Suzuki three folded - the new, the updated and the bad news

Submitted by Jo on Tue, 11/08/2022 - 19:36

You know the saying - give me the bad news first.

Well, it was already rumored but now confirmed, Suzuki is redrawing the GSX-R1000. Finished, done, will never be produced again.
A sad day for sports motorcycle and racing fans. Suzuki – just retired from MotoGP – is also giving up on the GSX-R1000, in Japan and Europe.
The end of the GSX-R1000 coincides with Suzuki's decision to abandon its racing initiatives entirely.
Specifically, the plan is to pursue other non-performance-oriented companies for the time being. 
Still, Suzuki's 1000cc supersport in its current guise remains available in very few markets like North America and the Philippines. But frankly, the expectation is that also their the end is near.

The good news comes in the form of a totally new model from Suzuki, the GSX-S8. In our eyes the follow up model of the legendary SV line-up.
It is striking that Suzuki does not opt for the V-twin, but is putting a completely new parallel twin on the market. 
Where have we seen that recently… The new liquid-cooled 776cc twin with 270° firing order should already be good for 83 hp and 78 Nm. Values that park it right between the MT-07 and the new Hornet CB750.

Aside from the different engine configuration, Suzuki says it should feel like the SV650, the GSX-S8 is equipped with ride-by-wire and a power-assisted clutch. Nice extra: an up/down quickshifter is included in the price as standard!
The block can also count on three driving modes being Active, Basic and Comfort; the throttle response is adjustable according to the driving conditions and the traction control (STCS) is also adjustable in three levels.
The GSX-S8 will be equipped with a new steel frame, has a saddle height of 810 mm and a curb weight of 202 kg.
We also get, a Suzuki first, TFT screen on the Suzuki roadsters and the average consumption would be limited to 4.2 l/100 km. 
With a tank of 14 liters you have to cover more than 300 kilometers.

The updated motorcycle is linked to the GSX-S8 as Suzuki uses this engine to fit it into the Suzuki V-Strom 800 DE which comes alongside the current V-Strom 650 and V-Strom 1050 models.
The DE stands for Dual Explorer and is conventionally built: tubular steel frame and steel profiles, two-sided aluminum swingarm with central strut and inverted telescopic front fork.
Both the fully adjustable fork and the fully adjustable shock are supplied by Showa. 
There is a dial for easy preloading of the shock absorber.
It's not just the long suspension travel – 220 millimeters at the front and 220 millimeters at the rear – that makes the V-Strom 800 DE an enduro, the wire-spoke wheels, at the front 21-inch diameter, also add to the fun.

With 20 liters in the tank, the V-Strom 800 DE weighs 230 kilograms according to Suzuki. That is quite heavy for this class, but the sizes are also there: 1,570 mm wheelbase, 62 degrees head angle, 114 mm trail. 
The saddle height is 855 mm, the two-person saddle cannot be varied in height.

Suzuki lists 84.3 hp (62 kW) at 8,500 rpm as peak power and 78 Nm of torque at 6,800 rpm. The fuel consumption would be 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers. 
Standard is not only the six-speed gearbox with a slip clutch, but also a quickshifter with blipper. 
This allows you to shift up and down without pulling the clutch lever.

The screen is quite easy to lock in two steps of 15 mm and in total in three positions. Sadly tools are required for that.