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We are happy in the mud
We leave the black tar and go ride into the mud.
2manybikes.be - beware of the dog
Always keep you speed in check and you surroundings!
Mud looks good on both of them - KTM 990 vs Yamaha Tenere 700
Throwback to our test with the Ducati Hypermotard
Throwback to our test with the Ducati Hypermotard provided by Ducati Gent #ducati #hypermotard950.
KTM Roadshow @engelsfilipmotos2765
We visited @engelsfilipmotos2765 past Saturday as they hosted the first KTM Roadshow in Belgium. All the KTM bikes were ...
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Who is doing stuff around here... 


How Not To: Park your bike

Go Somewhere

Why go?
Go for an ice cream, go for a bun, go to check on the height of the tide, the colour of the sand or whether the heather is in bloom. Go because you've never been there, or because you liked it last time you went. Go because you can. Go because it may not be there next time. Go because the sun is shining or because it's a Tuesday. Go from Devon to Yorkshire to fill a flagon. Go to Eccles for a cake or Melton Mowbray for a pork pie. There's a great fish and chip shop in Ullapool.
When and How?
G now, go tomorrow, go in five minutes. Go next Wednesday or go on 15 July. Go at every possible opportunity, or go on a special occasion.
Getting there
Take the high road, take the low road, take the long way, take the fast way, take a short cut, take a detour. Whatever you do, let's just get out and ride.