About us


Totally nuts

Was lucky enough to start riding bikes when I turned 18. At that time, a max power-output of 25kW was regulated. 

My dad and I had two choices: or we go for the Yamaha Diversion 600 or a Honda Hornet CB600f - and let's be honest - this wasn't really a hard decision.

In the coming years, had two CB600f (first one was totaled due to an accident) and the last one was converted to "full power" - at that time a beast of a bike.

But as time goes on, you crave other bikes, so I traded the CB600 for a Kawasaki ZX-12R with Akrapovic "silencer", followed by a Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird and finally a Honda CB1000R. As normal life struggles got in the way, the CB1000R was sold and for a few years nothing replaced it - the dark years I called them.

After riding my dad's brand new Kawasaki 1400 GTR it was clear to me what I missing out on and eversince that moment I was never bike-less.

Currently I own:

  • my latest track day weapon - a Honda CBR1000RR from 2008
  • Honda Transalp XL600 1997 - my do it all bike - adventure - gravel roads - trips to the shops - this bike does it all
  • Honda Africa Twin - 2000 - a new project bike - and will be documented here!
  • Honda CB600f 1999 - project bike - and let's be honest - if you don't own a CB600 at this moment - your lucking out
  • and to counter-ballance a the Honda's - a Triumph Street Triple R from 2017
  • and last but not least - Honda GL1000 1977 - the elderly of the bunch - and in pieces all over the garage - this show bike will be ready fast ...hopefully 
  • Honda CBR929RR - 2001 - my second open-trackday bike (sold)
  • another Honda CBR929RR - 2002 - bought as a spare bike but it is now in better condition than the trackday bike - but don't tell the wife (sold)
  • Yamaha FJR 1300 - 2004 - the touring bike for me and the misses (sold)
  • Suzuki SV 650 S - bought together with the guy on the right to keep us busy during the pandemic (sold)

Equally nuts

Meet Koen, the two-wheeled wizard born in 1986 but forever young at heart! With a motorcycle license that's been around longer than some Hollywood franchises, Koen is the OG road warrior, weaving through traffic like a caffeinated squirrel on a mission.

Started riding in 2010 on a CBR 125 R. Friends warned me: "You'll get tired of the lack of power".
And indeed 1 year later, my adventure to find the perfect bike started...

When he's not defying the laws of time and space on his trusty steed, Koen is off the beaten path, conquering terrains that make GPS devices say, "Are you sure about this route?" His idea of a good time involves more mud than a piggy's spa day and more bumps than a teenager's poetry journal.

I found out that finding that perfect bike is very difficult if you want to do all kinds of riding.
Doing some green laning, touring with the misses, going crazy on the track or just going for the twisties.
There is no All-in-One solution it appears and thus I ended up with the following list:

  • Honda CBR 125 R 2009 (sold)
  • Honda CB Sevenfifty 1992.
  • Honda VFR 800 2000 (sold)
  • Honda Varadero 2007 (sold)
  • BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 2008 (sold)
  • Honda CBR 600 F4i as trackbike
  • Honda CB 1000 R 2009 (sold)
  • Honda VTR 1000 F 2000 (sold)
  • KTM 990 Adventure 2007
  • BMW S1000XR 2017

You might say I'm I started out as a bit of Honda fan, but I'm starting to become more open minded ;-)

And here's the real magic trick – Koen is a mechanic in the motorcycle circus. He dons his grease-stained cape, raises the wrench like a wizard's wand, and tackles bike repairs with the finesse of a bull in a china shop. Trial and error is his middle name, and duct tape is his secret weapon.

In between adventures and mechanical escapades, you'll find Koen pondering life's deepest questions, like, "Can you ever have too many motorcycles?" Spoiler alert: The answer is a resounding no.

So, if you spot a cloud of dust on the horizon or hear the faint hum of an engine echoing through the hills, chances are Koen is on another quest – an epic tale of off-road exploits, questionable repairs, and the pursuit of the ultimate motorcycle thrill. May the road (and the occasional dirt trail) forever be his playground!