How not to park your bike

Submitted by Koen on Tue, 01/05/2021 - 14:24

When it's your last trackday of the season and you want to make it special...

Having a wet day, on rather old tyres on a bike that you are not familiar with, isn't that asking for something special?
Long story short, parked the Gooffer on it's side, after it skidded about 100meters on the tarmac.
Being a Honda, it shouldn't surprise you that the bike started with just 1 push of the button...

The fairings on the other hand, well they went missing... 

Before crashing it

(Yes I'm still a trackday rookie)

After crashing it

(Yes still a rookie but with crashing experience)

You can even park a GSa flat on Mother Earth.

Guess sticky street tyres aren't sticky enough for some mud...
Next time I'll invest in something more knobby to stay upright.

No worries after a good shower both me and the bike wer ready to go again ;-) 

6 months after my previous mud investigation I got some knobbies on the GSA and went playing in the mud again.

But since it has been raining for a few days, even these knobbies weren't able to keep me upright...

Well, I guess if the bike is tired, it needs a rest?