The 2manybikes bike list for 2024

Submitted by Jo on Sat, 11/25/2023 - 15:46

It's that time of year again!

According to annual tradition, the Christmas and New Year period is synonymous with making lists.
Lists of what you want to find under the Christmas tree, or the coolest songs from recent years.
But the lists at 2manybikes look rather different, namely, what will 2024 bring us in terms of new motorcycle models.
And which models are we very interested in? So here you go, our list for 2024.

BMW R 1300 GS

This completely new GS from BMW has been introduced in 2023, but we at 2manybikes were not yet lucky enough to see the model in person, let alone ride it.
Given the high new price, this brand new model will not immediately shine in our private garage, but that does not alter the fact that we are extremely curious about how this 1300 compares to the outgoing model.
If we can believe all other sources, the feeling in the front has evolved positively through further refinement of the telelever suspension.
The model is also not lacking in the latest gadgets, such as the adaptive ride height, directly stolen from Harley's Pan America models.
Whether the model is nicely designed is an answer that varies quite a bit, and also depends on the color scheme.
The white and blue are certainly to our taste, the yellow and black is not really good-looking.
We also find the lights, both front and rear, to be less attractive, but it will undoubtedly work sublime in the dark.

CFMoto 450MT

CFMoto has been working towards a breakthrough for several years, and they succeeded by collaborating with another names such as KTM.
After the naked 450NK and the 450SR, CFMoto is also launching a handsome allroad on the same platform.
Around the 449cc parallel twin with 270° firing order – 43.6 hp and 44 Nm strong – the MT gets long springs, wire wheels and off-road-worthy 21/18-inch tires.
An ideal bike, that will claim its place between the very light enduro bikes and the heavier, long-legged touring buffalos.
If the 450MT drives as well as it looks, that bodes well.

Honda CB1000 Hornet

With all the commotion at Honda with the presentation of their new CBR600RR and updated CBR1000R-RR, you would almost forget that a new CB1000 Hornet has been presented.
Not all specs is yet known, but it is known that the engine from the 2017 Fireblade will be used.
Super-compact twin LED headlights, a fuel tank with forward folded wings, a broad-shouldered front end and a minimalist seat complete the look.
At 2manybikes we had the past versions of this two-wheeler in our garage, and they always put a smile on our faces.
Knowing Honda, this version will be no different!

Honda CBR600RR

Another Honda, but one that has been out of the market in Europe for a while.
In fact, not available from competitors as well because this segment is doomed by the increasingly strict EURO standards.
So very brave of Honda to re-introduce their smallest supersport, even though only a handful of them will be sold.
Where you will certainly see this in abundance is on the circuit, converted to set the fastest lap.
But even in normal traffic it has always been fun to drive a high-revving Honda, so if Honda suggested that we can have a go on this 600cc racing rocket, we would not hesitate.

Suzuki GSX-S1000 GX

Far too difficult a name for a model that Suzuki is very late in competing against top performers such as the Honda NT1100, Kawasaki Versys and Yamaha 900 Tracer.
The GX, as we call it for short, is a naked classic sports tour motorcycle on higher legs, a segment that is only gaining more and more popularity.
The looks are very nice, electronics are on point and Suzuki engines are always gems.
The only downside we see so far is the price, which is significantly higher than what we are used to from Suzuki.
Internally, the GX will also steal some buyers away from the GSX-S1000GT, even though the GX is a few thousand euros more expensive.

Kawasaki Ninja Hybrid

And this Kawasaki model not so much because it is or would be very economical, but rather to be able to sense which route the major motorcycle manufacturers will have to take in the coming years.
The greener your means of transport, the more prestige, and green is the Kawasaki color. With this model, Kawasaki is taking on a pioneering role, and this can only be welcomed with respect.
The very long wheelbase, the unconventional combination of electric and petrol engine, the array of electronics, all new and so we are curious.

Moto Morini Corsaro Sport

As Italian as a plate of whole wheat spaghetti, those Moto Morinis, but tasty and not bad if you are very hungry.
And this model may look like a well-managed Ducati, but one that doesn't plunder your bank account and isn't always at the dealer for repairs.
A bit exaggerated, but if you look at motorcycling soberly, it completely reflects your train of thought.
We are curious about the design, drawn in Italy (uhu) but also about the 750cc 90 degree V-twin.

And our list of fun and important models is certainly not finished.
Please know that we are also looking forward to the first meters with, for example, the KTM 990 Duke, the Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono or the BMW M1000XR or the more exclusive Bimoto Tera.
But as with any list, you shouldn't be too greedy and stop somewhere.