CB 1000 R 2009 - Having a look at the waterpump

Submitted by Koen on Mon, 02/08/2021 - 10:50

Looks like we've got ourselves a problem here.

At first glance it looks like we're facing multiple problems:

1. The tube towards the pump is leaking some coolant. It happens that some corrosion is forming between the pipe & the connection on the pump, allowing coollant to leak.

2. The pump itself is sweating a bit. No gasket was made to last forever I guess. 

When removing the waterpomp cover, you can clearly see that the gasket isn't in that good shape.
The waterpump has 2 of these gaskets, which you can purchase from multiple stores.

The parts number you need is: #19226MEL300



This O-ring is making sure coolant doesn't leak into the oil pomp (and vica versa).

When removing and replacing the other seals, better to also take this one in account.
It isn't very costly, and since we have the pump separated from the engine we can easily replace it. 

When putting on the new O-ring make sure to apply a bit of new motor oil to lubricate it. 

The partsnumber you need is #91302MB0013

The downside to all this work? 

Well, I solved 2 of the leakages but... there was a third...
And the third one is where Honda is making it more expensive.

In the body of the pump there is yet another gasket, which is not sold separatly and is not easy to replace.
Ordering a new body online would have cost about 180euros and that's where second hand shops come in place.

The 2009 CB 1000R is actually the same engine as the Fireblade 2006.
The waterpump on both engines have the same part number, so that opened some opportunities.

I bought a Fireblad waterpump for only 30euros, replaced the gaskets with the ones I used before and mounted it on my CB1000R.

Problem fixed!