Comparing a KTM 990 Adventure and Yamaha Tenere 700

Submitted by Koen on Sun, 05/07/2023 - 14:29

A small intro

We are no experts in allroad/offroad riding. I guess that should summarizes a lot already. 
So the comparison of the bikes is done from a beginning allroad rider.

Our first test was perhaps the easiest. We rode towards our "secret" test area to compare the Tenere 700 and KTM 990 Adventure on low speed exercises.

Let's start with the 990

Age before beauty, or is beauty still in the eye of the beholder.

As I was doing the test I would give a first go to the KTM 990 Adv. 
The idea was simple: Turn circles left and right as short as possible on gravel.

Using clutch, throttle and rear brake we start going in circles.
The KTM 990's hydraulic clutch is light as a feather.
Throttle response on the other hand is a bit more tricky, the earlier 990's were never known for a smooth response.

After a few runs it was time to switch bikes!

Tenere 700: Can it match the 990?

A confession? I've never ridden a Tenere 700 before. Nor have I ridden a MT-07 (same engine) before.
Would this be a fair test?

We don't care: Just do it!

The Tenere 700 feels very light, it sounds polite (compared to the 990 with akra exhaust). 
Where the 990 kinda intimidates, the Tenere 700 feels more as a long lost friend. 

Enough of this jibba jabba, let's drive!

Let's compare

After a few runs on both bikes the verdict was simple: The Tenere 700 is clearly a winner.

With the KTM 990 I was struggling with the rear brake. A big all or nothing feeling which made me stall the bike or do an almost tipover.
Once seated on the Tenere, I was able to turn a circle a lot tighter and with more confidence as on the KTM Adventure.

Time to figure out if I was able to match that trick on the KTM.
As a first test: Let's ditch the rear brake. 
And woohooo: I was able to keep going in circles with more ease, but never as tight as on the tenere. 

A Second test: Boys will be boys

Which bike spins with most ease? 
Well..... Hands down: KTM wins! 

The test was rather easy: Make a U-turn, and when exitting the turn make the rear break out.
No wonder that outcome... The 990 is very eager to GO!!!!! adding somewhat 25hp on top of the Tenere.
And allowing those horses to act very aggressive helps a lot!

Now don't be fooled, the Tenere 700 will definitly spin his rear tyre when you want to.
And it feels very stabile while doing so.

It's just that the KTM gives you that little more "Hallelujah, Praise the lord"-feeling.
Or if you are not into religions, it's just more like "Let's fokking do this!" ;-) 


What's next?

Well, this was a slow speed test on gravel and a bit of sand.
Next up will be a road test! 

Stay tuned for more of these exciting bikes!