Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono MY24

Submitted by Jo on Fri, 11/03/2023 - 09:38

Fans of the Hypermotard will be happy to hear that the model will still be available in the Ducati lineup in 2024, although with a single-cylinder engine. Undoubtedly, the single-cylinder vehicle is the recently unveiled Superquadro Mono from Ducati. We already knew that engine's maximum output of 77.5 horsepower (at 9,750 rpm) and that the red line is only reached at 10,250 rpm.

Although the L-twin-powered 950 version's 114 horsepower is not nearly as much as the 698 Mono's, this is compensated for by the machine's significant weight reduction. About 27 kilograms less, or 151 kg dry weight, is what Ducati claims!

With its L-twins, Ducati gained global recognition. More recently, the company unveiled the V4, which powers a number of models. However, Ducati has also used single-cylinder engines before.

Some of the 'older youth' among us might recall the magnificent Supermono from thirty years ago. The Supermono was a ready-made super mono racer rather than a street bike.

The 1299 Panigale's L-twin engine serves as the foundation for the new Superquadro Mono. The 116 mm bore piston, combustion chamber, titanium intake and exhaust valves, and Desmodromic controls are all carried over to the new single-cylinder engine.

The Superquadro Mono has a stroke volume of 659cc. This is adequate for a (claimed) power of 77.5 horsepower as standard. However, Ducati claims that if you install a race exhaust and rev to 10,250 rpm, that number can go to 84.5 horsepower. As soon as possible, the manufacturer claims that this is the best performance ever for a four-stroke single-cylinder engine of that size.

Nothing fundamentally changed with the Hypermotard's chassis. The engine is still suspended from a similar subframe and a trellis frame made of steel tubes. Ducati uses a Sachs shock absorber in conjunction with a Marzocchi front fork for suspension. While tires and brakes virtually automatically come with the Brembo and Pirelli logos.

Ducatists who were hoping for a reimagining of the iconic Supermono after last week's debut of the Superquadro will be let down. Until now, that is. What Ducati offers is a pure supermoto designed for daily use. With this Hypermotard, even those without the dexterity of a Jorge Martin can enjoy themselves. Due to the fact that Ducati claims the electronics let you learn how to drive like a supermotard. With sideways cornering in mind, the cornering ABS was created specifically. Of course, an IMU provides the data for the electronic wizardry. In addition, there are four driving modes to select from and three settings to modify the power delivery.

The new Hypermotard 698 Mono will be available from January in two colorways:

  • Ducati Red with powder-coated red frame
  • RVE with black frame and standard DQS quickshifter

For young riders with an A2 license, Ducati also offers a 35 kW version of the Hypermotard 698. 
In that version, the Superquadro Mono block produces 43.5 hp at 6,250 rpm.