Indian Challenger RR - King of the Baggers race replica

Submitted by Jo on Tue, 04/04/2023 - 11:00

Are you so cool that while you're giving your best on a racetrack you think you need panniers? Yeah? Well have we got good news for you!

Indian is going to sell a 'homologation special' of its King of the Baggers racer. OK, this has nothing to do with race homologation, but it is a very accurate copy of Tyler O'Hara's winning Challenger RR in the AMA Bagger series.
What? You haven't seen a King of the Baggers race? Shame on you. Have a look below:

Since Tyler became champion twice with the number 29, 29 units will be sold, most of which are expected to remain in the States.
Built to 2022 race spec by the same S&S hands who tinkered with the championship-winning bike, each purpose-built Indian Challenger RR is available for die-hard track riders and collectors alike.
The engine is hand built and tuned with the same setup that won O'Hara his second King of the Baggers championship.
This amazing Indian is only available in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, England and Japan, but we think it's too cool not to show you.

The racing bikes are full factory specials equipped with Öhlins suspension (FGR fork and TTX rear damper), Brembo M4 brakes with EBC rotors and SBS brake pads, but of course that's not all.

Behind the custom fairing with headlight stickers hides an AIM DL2 fully adjustable dashboard with data logger, Dunlop provides slicks to put around the 17″ forged rims, and in addition to a load of carbon (including the 'bagger' panniers), S&S went all out on the engine block.
The belt was replaced by a chain, an open race exhaust was fitted, and the entire cylinder heads were also modified for extra horses and Newtons.
You can see where they had to clear the frame itself to give them some ground clearance because that's how far they're leaning these things over which boggles my mind.
The Challenger swing arm is standard, at least the top half. The bottom triangular half the Indian team and SNS added all that bracing to handle the cornering forces that these bohemath of machines have to coop with during racing.
The RR got a quick shifter for just banging through the gears. Downshifting is still the old-fashioned way using the clutch.
Finally, there is also a handy belly pan to collect the oil if the V-twin breaks down on the road.

Trick stuff all over the place - price you ask? 92,299 US dollars, which is about 85,000 euros. Shut up and take my money!

The Indian Challenger Race Replica consists – among other things – of the following parts

  • S&S 2-in-1 racing exhaust
  • 17-inch racing rims
  • Dunlop race tyres
  • Ohlins FGR250 fork
  • TTX Öhlins rear shock
  • S&S chain drive conversion
  • side bags made of carbon
  • raised racing saddle
  • Aero headlight
  • Aero windshield
  • S&S belly pan
  • S&S camshafts
  • 112 CID big bore cylinder/piston kit
  • S&S air intake system with 78mm throttle valve
  • CNC cylinder heads
  • Hayes rear caliper, EBC rear rotor, SBS pads
  • Brembo M4 front calipers, 330mm discs, SBS pads
  • automatic S&S chain tensioner
  • fully adjustable ECM from Maxx
  • AIM DL2 data logger/dashboard
  • Quick shifter
  • S&S billet clutch cover
  • adjustable S&S handlebar
  • race custom S&S swingarm