Roadtrip in the Alps: Preparation & Getting there!

Submitted by Koen on Thu, 11/23/2023 - 15:56
MyRouteApp: Creating our routes

Planning the different routes takes a bit of time.

Listing some special points we really wanted to visit and making sure the trips weren't too long.

Using google streetview, google maps & MRA we tried to make the best possible routes.
That wasn't always perfect, as the last day we ended up doing some serious offroading.

But hey, every day can be an adventure!

Going there in style!

Yes, we opted for the easy way out.

Normally I'm a big fan of starting a roadtrip immediatly on the motor.

But as we were limited in time, getting to the Alps & back were pure highway-miles.
What better way then doing this in an airconditioned car, with the bikes secured on a trailer. 

Car fully fueled (and charged), bikes secured on the trailer and all luggage loaded?
Time to go!

To the Bat Mobile

At 05:00 the road trip started. When one guy is driving, the passenger has one important task.
Music Maestro!!

Oh and feeding the driver.

In Belgium there were some issues due to construction works, but nothing to serious.
In France we had almost no traffic blocking us.

Never the less it took about 13hours to get to our destination.
We arrived at our Air BnB location at +/- 18:00.

Unloading the bikes and luggage and it was time for dinner.

Dinner with a view!

Upon arrival it was time to get some food.
First a quick dinner @TIRAMISU Restaurant Pizzeria

And afterwards doing some groceries to make sure we have breakfast for the day after.

Which route planner app do you use?