Three new colors for the Aprilia Tuareg 660

Submitted by Jo on Mon, 10/16/2023 - 15:52

For the Tuareg 660, Aprilia is releasing new color schemes three years after the model's introduction.

For the model year 2024, Aprilia is introducing three new color options for the Tuareg 660. At desert rallies, color combinations that pay homage to Aprilia's past and present. The 2010 Dakar rally saw Francisco 'Chaleco' Lopez win three stages of the rally while driving an RXV 4.5 liveried in the 'Dakar Podium' livery (see photo above). Lopez finished the 2010 Dakar in a respectable third place.

The two additional hues, Canyon Sand and Atreides Black, pay homage to the Tuareg people's preferred environment, the desert.

Both versions' red painted tubular frames pay homage to Aprilia Racing's iconic house colors.

The Tuareg 660's front fender now displays the suspension travel as well. This is by far the longest in its class at 240 mm. Along with increasing the selection of accessories for the Tuareg 660, Aprilia is also offering a number of new products, including an off-road-specific air filter.