Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400

Submitted by Jo on Wed, 06/28/2023 - 14:10

Triumph has expanded its Speed Twin and Scrambler lineup with two new 400cc models. Both versions appear to be pretty premium, and they could be a major popular among A2 license holders with a retro bent...

Triumph already had a decent offering for all types of neo-retro aficionados with its Classic lineup. However, the company didn't have much to offer young drivers who wish to start riding motorcycles without breaking the budget or scaring themselves. With the release of the Speed 400, a member of the Speed Twin family, it now does. It already has 900 and 1200cc engines. The Scrambler 400 X is the smaller sibling of the Scrambler 900 and 1200.

The same new 398cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine produces 40 horsepower in both variants. The frame, as well as the bolt-on subframe and aluminum swingarm, are all new.

Both models are slender, with a 790 mm accessible seat height and 835 mm for the Scrambler and a weight of 170 kg or 179 kg for the Scrambler. This guarantees decent handling at low speeds. The Speed 400's chassis has a 43mm upside-down fork and a balanced head tube angle, which should inspire confidence in riders of all sizes and skills. This is especially significant for a 400 that should appeal to drivers with an A2 license.

The Scrambler 400 X sports a longer wheelbase, more travel, a 19-inch front wheel, and broader handlebars than the standard model. The footpegs are likewise lower and broader, and the front disc brake has been upgraded from 300mm to 320mm on the Speed. Finally, the Scrambler has a headlamp guard, radiator and crankcase guards, handguards, and a longer front fender.

Ride-by-wire, traction control, an assist clutch, and switchable ABS are standard on both variants. The instrument panel incorporates an analog speedometer and an LCD display. The USB connection is common. LED illumination and a programmed immobilizer round out the package. The exterior is a brilliant mix of traditional and modern, as is so often the case with Triumphs.

The craftsmanship is believed to be exceptional. We may be confident because we know Triumph's skill in this field. It is worth noting that the model will initially be introduced in India in July, followed by Europe at the end of the year. Although the final pricing has not been established, Triumph has stated that it would be highly competitive.