VFR 800 Fi 2000

Submitted by Koen on Fri, 02/12/2021 - 14:39

VFR 800 Fi 2000, Honda's Sport Touring Model.

Some basic specs about the bike?

110hp @ 10500rpm. 
82nm @ 8500rpm.
Dry weight of 210kg.

But most importantly?

A V4 engine with a gear driven valve train with a lovely singlesided swingarm.

Well nowadays this dashboard might feel a bit outdated, but still provides a lot of information:

  • 2 day-trip counters
  • Engine temperature
  • Outside temperature
  • Fuel level
  • Clock

The tachometer has a sporty feel with the white background, while the rest of the dash feels more basic.


With the right accessoires the VFR enables you to take a lot of luggage and still giving your passenger some space to sit & move around.

The engine specs don't sound that outrageous but keep in mind, the 2014 model provides the same hp & torque values.

DCBS brakes are not a replacement for ABS, nor is it a decent equivalent but it really helps to brake safely and without to much diving of the nose.
The disadvantage with DCBS is that when really riding the bike to the limit, it's not always what you want. 

For me the engine always felt willing to go higher in rev's and thus pushing for a bit of a sporty ride.
When I compare the engine to the CB1000R, the CB is easier to ride slowly/touring-a-like. 

My biggest issue (and rest assured, it's very personal) is that I found the ergonomics to be to sporty.
And strangely when comparing to a CBR 600F4i, I found myself sitting better on the CBR as the VFR. 

But what I can tell you revving the engine gives a great sound, the cam driven gears give that little extra to this great V4 engine.

My summary of this bike?


Well it's the only bike that I sold and really miss... 
It's really a great touring & sports bike.

The longest trip on this bike was +/- 950km in 1 day, 50% highway, 50%twisties and this bike feels at home on both of them...