Yamaha is working on power steering for dirt bikes.

Submitted by Jo on Fri, 04/08/2022 - 12:12

According to a press release from Yamaha Australia, Yamaha is testing what it calls a unique new dirt bike steering assist system called EPS.
The extra rider aid that contributes to improved motorcycle stability and maneuverability.
The EPS prototype uses a torque sensor, magnet technology and an actuator that results in high speed steering damper benefits and low speed steering assist input.

Sounds like a very good all round solution, especially as it doesn't sound like it adds a lot of weight.
Yamaha says the magneto-restrictive system feels completely natural when riding, just like a conventional steering damper, and reduces fatigue at high speed and in rough conditions.
This steering assist system actually comes from Yamaha's e-bike line. It is rare for technology to flow from e-bikes upstream to the world of petrol motorcycles.

Yamaha had Australian MX racer Jay Wilson test this technology for the All Japan Yamaha Factory Race Team, with the power steering fitted to YZ450FM and YZ250F motocross racers.
The engineers believe that racing conditions are the best way to conduct real-world testing so that it could potentially be introduced on a motorcycle available to customers.

Yamaha isn't afraid to test really cool technology and then walk away from the idea of ​​commercial availability.
Do you remember the 2-Trac systems, that two-wheel drive system developed by Öhlins that ultimately never made it to the market, at least not at Yamaha.
Time will tell.