BMW R 1300 GS, R 1400 GS & M 1300 GS

Submitted by Jo on Thu, 03/31/2022 - 14:20

A few spy photos were already circulating on the internet last summer that show that their was a new GS incoming.

Studying the spy-pics we could see that the new one would get a completely new appearance, would be equipped with radar technology, be fitted with a new frame and the block would also be overhauled.
Speaking of which: the power source on the newcomer would have a larger displacement than the current 1,254 cc. This is to maintain both power and torque while at the same time meeting the Euro5+ standard – both in terms of emissions and noise.

Until now, every report about the BMW R 1300 GS was pure speculation, but now there are also indications that the machine is actually coming. 
An online form on an official BMW service request site, which lists practically every model from the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer, shows three new models: R 1300 GS, R 1400 GS and M 1300 GS.
We already had a hunch that a bigger GS was on the way, even after the company filed a patent application for “M 1300 GS”. 
A R 1300 GS makes sense, but an R 1400 GS is a bit of a surprise. Despite the different naming conventions, we assume that both models will have the same displacement, similar trick BMW is playing with the current F 750 GS and F 850 ​​GS.

If we dig into the website further, there will be no Adventure version for the time being but that doesn't mean it won't come at all though.
In previous generations, it always took several months between the presentation of the street oriented GS and the launch of the Adventure equipped GS with a larger fuel tank and longer suspension travel.
Or maybe the R 1400 GS will just become the Adventure, it' anybodies guess at the moment.

It is not immediately clear when we can expect the new GS triplets, but the fact that they are already showing up in the service documents suggests that they will make it to the motorcycle fairs at the end of this year.