A classic Honda with a Africa Twin engine - a Honda CB 1100 Hawk maybe?

Submitted by Jo on Mon, 11/22/2021 - 17:11

After Honda introduced the custom CMX1100 Rebel and the NT1100 tourer,red H would be developing a classic bike powered by the same 1,084cc two-cylinder engine to take the place of the four-cylinder CB 1100 Hawk.
The new Honda model has been registered with the Japanese Patent Office. This is a classic motorcycle with an engine and frame derived from the recent 1100 Rebel.
The current four-cylinder CB 1100 was presented in 2007, on sale in Europe since 2011, also arrived in Japan in its Final Edition having not been updated to the Euro 5 emissions standard.

Rumors have it this new version could be built around the engine of the Africa Twin 1100, the 1084cc Unicam twin that has already been used for the custom CMX1100 Rebel and for the very recent NT1100 touring car.
At 102 horsepower it would be more powerful than the CB 1100's four-cylinder and would also offer DCT transmission.
The patent drawings show a heritage style model with a raised exhaust according to the scrambler setting.
The frame of tubular steel with double open cradle construction seems to be a faithful copy rather than the 1100 Rebel , modified in the rear area due to the different profile and the different height of the motorcycle.
Some sources call it GB1100 - for consistency with the recent GB350 and the initials of the old GB500 always with two cylinders in line - and give it a style that recalls the old Honda Hawk models.

Some renders and artistic drawings can be viewed here from a publisher on the Young Machine website with tank and colors even more related to Honda's past.