KTM 990 Adventure 2007 LC8 - Ready to Race and Raring to Go

Submitted by Koen on Tue, 11/29/2022 - 11:05

Taking the Plunge with a KTM 990 Adventure 2007 

Back in June 2022, I decided to take a wild ride with the KTM 990 Adventure 2007.
At first glance, it seemed pretty neat, but little did I know, I was in for a bit more adventure than I bargained for.

What started as a motorcycle enthusiast's dream quickly turned into a few unexpected, but thrilling,
extra hours in the shed, getting down and dirty with repairs.

LC8: Born to Race, Bred to Thrill

The LC8 isn't just a motorcycle; it's a racehorse waiting to bolt at every throttle blip.
With its first-generation 990 engine pumping out a robust 96hp at 8500 rpm and 95nm torque at 6500 rpm, it might seem a tad understated compared to today's modern marvels.
But don't let these numbers fool you. This engine is a powerhouse of excitement, always ready to leap into action, anytime, anywhere.


Cruising with Style and Power

My LC8 wasn't just your standard model; it came loaded with some snazzy extras:

  • RadeGarage EVO6 Windscreen: For that extra slice of aerodynamics.
  • Akrapovic Exhausts: Because what's a ride without that soul-stirring rumble?
  • SW-Motech Crashbars & Luggage Rack: Safety and convenience, rolled into one.
  • KTM Ergo Seat and SHAD Topluggage: Comfort meets utility.


Upping the Ante with More Upgrades

Encountering some quirks with the standard headers, I revved up the LC8 with:

  • Dobermann Stainless Steel Headers: For that unadulterated power flow.
  • O2 Eliminators: To keep everything running smooth and mean.

Experiencing the 'Raw' Power

The KTM LC8 isn't just an engine; it's a living, breathing beast.
If you're used to the silkiness of Japanese bikes, brace yourself for a wild ride.

The LC8's raw energy is a refreshing shock to the system.

Suspension: Like Gliding Over a Cloud

Even after 15 years, the suspension on this bike is nothing short of top-notch.
It turns cobblestone paths into smooth racetracks, filtering out bumps and humps while delivering superb feedback.

Riding this bike, you'll feel like a Dakar champ, ready to tackle the Serengeti, Mojave Desert, or the muddiest trails without a second thought.


New Tires, New Adventures

The KTM originally came with Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 tyres – fantastic for the road but not so much off it.
So, I switched to Motaz Tractionaiter RallyZ tyres, striking a perfect balance between on-road compromise and off-road mastery.

On the road it's a bit of a compromise, but it makes it up with great performance offroad.
It's not a 100% Full Cross tyre, but for my purpose it feels perfect!

Dashboard: Old School Cool

Comparing the KTM's dash with the BMW R 1200 GSa, you'll notice the KTM keeps it simple.
It's all about the basics – clock, trip counters, fuel reserve light, engine temperature, RPM, and speed gauge.

It's refreshingly straightforward, syncing perfectly with the bike's back-to-basics vibe.

Taming the Beast

Getting used to the KTM LC8 has been a journey.
Its suspension, low center of gravity, and stunning looks are beyond impressive.

But, the high-maintenance engine does add a bit of spice to the mix.
Stay tuned, and I'll keep you in the loop on how this journey evolves!

Will keep you posted on the bike in a few months!


Key Specifications:

  • Power: 96hp @ 8500 rpm
  • Torque: 95nm @ 6500 rpm
  • Wheel Size: 21 / 18inch

Time to gear up and hit the road with the KTM LC8 – an adventure in every throttle twist! 🏍💨