Motaz Tractionator Rallz: First impressions after 1 year

Submitted by Koen on Thu, 11/23/2023 - 11:05

The most difficult reviews, must be a tyre review.

But never the less here we go.
When I bought the KTM there were Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 tyres mounted.
Brilliant tyres on road for an adventure motorcycle, but not a great tyre for what I was going to use the 990 Adventure.

On my GSa I had Anakee Wild's and those tyres did rather great. Yet I wanted something with a bit more bite.

Some chat message back and forth with Glenn from Allroadmoto and enter: Motoz Tractionator RallZ.

For my first review I'll split the review in On Road & All Road.
The Rallz is described as an 20/80 Tyre. If you are not yet aware what this means:
20% On - road
80% Off - road.


Motoz describe the tyre as follows:
RallZ is one of our most aggressive off-road adventure tyres. Its DNA is part desert race tyre and part long distance adventure tyre.

  • Based on the popular Tractionator Adventure but with more aggressive off-road traction in all weather extremes.
  • Off-road Performance with reasonable on-road manners.
  • Tested and Proven construction and compound for adventure and rally use.
  • Self-Cleaning and Self-Sharpening tread pattern gives excellent predictability and power delivery.
  • Designed in Australia for dependable performance in a wide variety of conditions without the need to change tyre pressures between off road and on road.
  • Excellent choice for conditions from outback desert to coastal forests and fire trails.
  • Hybrid compound with Silica for optimum grip in mud and snow.
  • RallZ also available in range of Tube Type Adventure sizes for light weight adventure bikes.

Sounds promising, no? Read More below!

As the tyre is purposed for 80% offroading, let's talk about that first.

It's best to mention that I'm not the expert when it comes to trail riding. I can get where I want to get without looking like a duck on a bike, but I'm certainly no Chris Birch.

Off road this tyre gives great confidence. Mud, Gravel and sandy patches it just delivers.
It's not a cross / hard enduro tyre and off course you might need to "power through" the real deep/slippery mud, but you do get through it. 

I did discover a bit of weak spot: Long wet grass... Must of my ground-investigations happened on longer grass, where the tyre still isn't "spiky" enough, they don't "pinch" through the grass surface so you lose some grip.

Now if your rear tyre loses grip, that's not the biggest issue.
If your front loses grip well.... Then you're happy you are landing on soft wet long grass. 

For a novice rider like me, I dare to say that this tyre really helped me improve my offroad riding.
Just understand that this tyre is a compromise.

I can take my ktm offroad on Sunday, and still get to work on the same bike/tyre on Monday via the highway. 

But how do they perform on road?

 Well the answer is twofold.

In general: They are loud. Even with earplugs you can hear them sing and it's not a humble tune.  

Their performance when dry?

You have to get used to the knobbies a bit. But when riding a normal tempo, they don't perform that bad.
Off course you should try to go knee-down in the twisties, but it's not that you'll have to go slow...

On highway speeds they become a bit more tricky, as the knobs might "move" a little when trying to go straight.
So you get this feeling that you're not able to ride a straight line anymore. 
Does it bother much? No... You know what you're getting into.


Their perfomance when wet?

Well... In my honest opinion: They suck... 

A few weeks ago I went down on a small roundabout while riding rather slowly. 
Luckely the crashbars prevented more damage. 

Shortly after that crash on a mixed day of riding allroad & onroad they lost traction again on wet tarmac.
Off course coming out of a muddy road and going on wet tarmac is no ideal situation for any tyre.

For me personally the tyre don't give much confidence when riding on wet tarmac.
Perhaps a more modern bike with electronic aids like Traction Control and Cornering ABS might filter out a bit of the issue, but on a basic bike like the KTM 990 the rear tyre is really having difficulties in providing the right amount of grip.

This doens't help to build confidence on the front tyre either.
So is it a guaranteed slip & fall on wet? No, but you will need to take in account the limited traction.