Ural relocated to Kazakhstan

Submitted by Jo on Mon, 01/23/2023 - 13:11

It is a miracle that Ural, the sidecar manufacturer, is still in production. The past year was perhaps the most difficult in Ural's 80-year history, and of course that had everything to do with the war between Ukraine and Russia.
Running a factory in a war-ravaged country is virtually impossible, which is why Ural had to look for another location to restart production.
That new location was eventually found in the former Soviet state of Kazakhstan.

To celebrate this important moment, every MY2023 Ural will leave the new factory with a special colored badge.
The color of the badge is the same as that of the land that gave Ural its new home.
Ural states that the new badge and every sidecar that rolls out of the factory stands for a promise: Never Give Up.