Chris Pfeiffer featuring his best stunts videos

Submitted by Jo on Wed, 03/16/2022 - 13:32

The most famous of two-wheeled stuntmen took his own life.
Chris Pfeiffer was 51 years old and was considered the king of stuntmen on two wheels.
Before becoming famous as a stuntman he had competed in trial and enduro, excelling in Enduro Extreme and had won four Red Bull Hare Scrambles.
He has taken a spectacular and acrobatic discipline to a new level. His performances by him were explosive and ironic. Demonstrations of ability and dexterity.
The German driver was very popular and had retired from 2015.
Chris took his own life, ending a long period of depression.

Tears and words can be spent to remember and commemorate a pilot of his greatness, but we prefer to share some of the best videos.
To see him again engaged in incredible evolutions while he tears smiles and applause to the public who loved him.