Yamaha Tenere 700 World Raid

Submitted by Koen on Wed, 02/16/2022 - 09:34
Fueltanks can contain up 23liter
3 mode ABS
5" TFT with smartphone connectivity
10mm extra ground clearance
220kg wet weight ( vs 204kg for the regular T700)
Seatheight of 890mm

Arrived in 2019 , the Yamaha Ténéré 700 immediately established itself as one of the most popular road enduros thanks to its rally look, 21-inch front end and long travel suspension.
The engine is the CP2 twin cylinder of 689 cc and 73.5 horsepower launched by the MT-07.
The engine is the well-known and already updated Euro 5 engine, while the air filter has been specially designed for extreme off-roading. The airbox is equipped with an intake duct designed to prevent the entry of dust and debris raised by the rear wheel.

The original 16-liter tank has been replaced by a split tank which brings the capacity to 23 liters for a range not far from 500 kilometers.
The double tank brings a series of advantages: being positioned lower, the center of gravity of the bike is equal to the current Ténéré 700, while the mass is further centralized. It should be noted that the high point of the new tanks is lower than the top of the tank of the Ténéré 700, reducing the difference in height between the tank and the saddle, to offer a flatter profile and increase the mobility of the rider while riding. off road.

The new saddle which is 890 mm high from the ground has a flatter profile to facilitate movement while riding, while the rear part can be removed to allow the mounting of accessories or luggage.
The saddle is made with two different types of leather, with a high grip area in the center and a softer one to allow freedom of movement while riding.

In place of the LCD instrumentation comes a 5-inch TFT color display , always vertically developed, and equipped with connectivity.
The ABS has three intervention modes: active on both wheels, only on the front wheel or off.

Yamaha also has upgraded the suspensions with increased travel. The new Kayaba fork, inverted and with 43 mm stanchions, goes up from 210 to 230 mm of travel and is fully adjustable and equipped with the Kashima coating, while the internal components have been lightened.
The rear shock absorber is new and offers wheel travel from 200 to 220 mm , it is fully adjustable and equipped with a more resistant bumper. It has an aluminum body for better heat dissipation and the separate oil tank prevents cavitation.
An Ohlins steering damper , adjustable to 18 positions, is introduced which is mounted in front of the upper triple tree.

The equipment includes the new three-part aluminum alloy engine guard, the ground clearance is 250 mm .
A vertical vented protective grille is placed in front of the cooling circuit radiator , and there are new, wider footpegs to offer more grip for the boots and have a removable rubber lining.
The weight when full goes up to 220 kg , which means 8 kg more than the standard Ténéré 700 for the same amount of fuel on board.

Finally, greater aerodynamic protection comes from the new windshield which is 15 mm higher, then there are the side deflectors and the LED turn signals.
The guards around the radiator and the interior panel around the dashboard are made of a composite of fiberglass.

Deliveries will begin in May and will be available in two colors: Icon Blue which features blue body panels, side panels with yellow accents and rims and then the Midnight black characterized by completely black body panels and rims.